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Tenda F3 300mbps 3 Antennas Ethernet Single-Band Wi-Fi Router

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  • Model: Tenda F3
  • Interface: 1x WAN & 3x LAN Ports
  • DIM: 127.4*90.5*26mm
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz


Wireless N Router
LED SYS, WiFi, LAN(1-3), WAN, T, WPS
Wireless Speed 300Mbps over 2.4GHz band
Button 1*WPS/RESET
Antenna Type 3x5dBi external undetachable antennas
Wireless Standards IEEE802.11/b/g/n
Frequency 2.4GHz
Wireless Security WPA Algorithm: AES, TKIP, TKIP&AES II
Wireless Access Control: MAC Address Filtering II


Tenda F3 300mbps 3 Antennas (3x5dBi) Router


  • Input Type RJ-45 (Ethernet Cable) supported by neighbourhood cable broadband ISPs such as Hathway, ACT, Tikona, Airtel Fibrenet, MyWorld, Nextra, Siti Cable, You Broadband, Spectranet etc.
  • This Router Does Not Include Modem and works well with Cable Broadbands
  • Power Consumption: 1.9W at no load and 3.3W at full-load
  • Buttons: 1 x WPS/reset
  • LED for system, Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN and WPS
  • Interface: 1 x 10/100M auto-negotiation WAN port, 3 x 10/100M auto-negotiation LAN ports
  • Safety: WPA AES, TKIP, TKIP and AES
  • Wireless Access Control: MAC address filtering
  • DHCP Server: Support, Certification: CE ROHS 3C EAC NOM IC
  • System Tool: Network time, system upgrade, backup/restore, factory default, login password, system logs, restart
  • Speed: 300mbps over 2.4GHz band
  • WiFi coverage of up to 200meters
  • Three external antennas boost Wi-Fi throughout your house to enjoy ultimate surfing fun
  • F3 helps you keep mobile devices, media players and computers connected to Wi-Fi with a reliable connection and expanded coverage in each corner of your house
  • You no longer need to worry about the Wi-Fi dead zones
  • Antenna: 3x5dBi external un-detachable antennas

01 Year Warranty



The Tenda F3 is a wireless N router that operates on the 2.4GHz frequency band and supports a maximum data rate of 300Mbps. Here are some key features and specifications of the Tenda F3 router:

  1. Wireless Standard: The router supports the IEEE 802.11n wireless standard, providing a maximum wireless speed of 300Mbps.
  2. Antennas: The Tenda F3 is equipped with three external antennas to enhance wireless coverage and improve signal strength.
  3. Ports: It likely features a set of Ethernet ports (LAN ports) for wired connections and at least one WAN port for connecting to your Internet service provider.
  4. Security: Basic security features such as WPA/WPA2 encryption are typically included to secure your wireless network.
  5. Guest Network: Some routers, including the Tenda F3, offer a guest network feature that allows you to create a separate network for guests with restricted access to your main network.
  6. Quality of Service (QoS): This feature may be available to prioritize certain types of internet traffic for a better online experience.
  7. Management Interface: The router should have a web-based interface that allows you to configure settings, update firmware, and manage your network.
  8. Firewall: Basic firewall capabilities are usually included to protect your network from unauthorized access.

As always, it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation or the manufacturer’s website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Tenda F3 router. Keep in mind that individual models may have variations in features and specifications.

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