Terms And Condition

Welcome to CleansBuy. We are an online trading center. You can use it as an application on your mobile if you want. You can easily purchase your daily necessaries through the CleansBuy website or application. We are requested to comply with some of the terms of this website:
  1. You will need to provide the information you need to create your account. We may use your information to analysis the market. However, you can close your account if you want.

  2. CleansBuy will not be liable if you order or exchange money anywhere other than our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cleansbuy/ and website or application

  3. And of course CleansBuy will not be responsible if you order or exchange money by phone to any number other than our official (880) 182 727 7024 number.

In case of loss or return of goods:

  1. Since we are giving home delivery of the product so you must check your product.

  2. We have a lot of packet products when you buy such products though you will not be able to open the packet immediately so if there is any problem then you have to pay half the delivery charge in case of changing the product. This condition only applies to restaurants and electronics products.